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Shell script for creating DB_CONFIG (was: bug?)

Howard Chu wrote:

We might be able to add code to back-bdb to check for the existence of a DB_CONFIG file in the DB directory, and create one if it's not present.

I think this would be a good idea.

we have no way to determine any
meaningful default values for the BDB cache size. That is entirely dependent
on the ultimate size of the database, as constrained by the amount of free
physical memory in the machine.
> [..]
It is very easy for the sysadmin to determine these parameters. It is very
hard for the code to do so by itself.

How about writing a shell-script which asks the sys admin interactively these parameters and creates the DB_CONFIG based on the admin's input?

At the end the script should off course output a message that the DB_CONFIG might need more fine tuning. But if it's possible with such a tool to get reasonable values for about 80% of the cases it would IMHO be worth the effort, just for reducing traffic on OpenLDAP mailing lists. ;-)

We have left it as the sysadmin's
responsibility to get this right so far, and I believe that's the correct
path, but I'm interested in hearing any other suggestions.

This is the right path if it's not possible to do it automagically. But a small tool might be able to guide the sys admin to start with it.

Ciao, Michael.