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Re: jp.openldap.org

At 11:55 PM 10/26/2003, Masato Taruishi wrote:
>Because I'm Japanese, I'm glad if I can read OpenLDAP web pages in
>Japanese. Can I use translate it to Japanese and read it at 

I'd use that to name a website mirror located in Japan, as
opposed to using it to name a website with content in Japanese.
Mirroring of content is (as far as I'm concerned) a separate

>or by using Accept-Language or something like that?

That would be my preference.  That is, I rather have all
the content available at www.openldap.org (and mirror it all
as needed).

>The OpenLDAP web pages seems to be created from index.wml.

Yes.  WML provides a couple of features which be used to
create output in multiple languages from a single source.
That is, index.wml could be modified to produce index.en.html
and index.ja.html.  Then one can use Apache features to
select which index.*.html is to be returned with index.html
is requested.

Of course, as the content would be generated from a single
content, we need to use a single character set/encoding for
all translations.  The logical choice, I think, would be
UTF-8 encoded Unicode.

There is a multitude of content generated using other means.
But .wml content is a good place to start (because its used
to generate most of the primary web pages).

I'd be willing to work with those interested in providing
translations (as patches to .wml).