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Re: PATCH: cache_groupacl {on|off}

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At 09:14 PM 10/18/2003, Diego Rivera wrote:
>This patch is applicable to OpenLDAP 2.1.22, but it MAY be applicable to
>the current snapshots.
>It allows turning on/off the caching of Group ACL evaluations, to force
>group ACL evaluation every time.  In my particular setup, the side
>effect from the caching that the ACL would be "frozen" at its initial
>evaluation and never refreshed posed a problem.
>The performance hit was acceptable, in exchange for the added security
>consistency.  YMMV, and use only when 100% necessary according to your
>particular setups.
>So I came up with this config option to allow startup-time selection of
>behavior.  The default is "on" , to match the same behavior as if the
>patch were not present.
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