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Re: syncrepl questions

>I've rebuilt from today's snapshot (9.25.2003).
>This is what I get in the replica's log:
>Sep 25 10:07:22 ldap-dev2.Stanford.EDU slapd[23274]: [ID 313008
>local4.debug] do_syncrepl: Can't contact LDAP server
>On the master, I see:
>ACCEPT ldap-dev2.stanford.edu
>BIND ldap-dev2
>SRCH base="dc=stanford,dc=edu" scope=2 deref= filter="(objectClass=*)"
>SEP 25 10:06:51 SRCH attr=* objectClass structuralObjectClass entryCSN
>Sep 25 10:07:22 conn=0 fd=11 closed
>I'll note that my idletimeout setting is 30 seconds -- And the connection
>is being forcefully closed after 30 seconds.

Well... currently even connections having in-progress operations
will be terminated when client is idle for more than <idletimeout>.
I suspect whether this is the right behavior...

Should this be fixed, we can check c->c_n_ops_executing
inside the connections_timeout_idle() function.

How about performance with the refreshOnly mode ?


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