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Re: new admin guide draft

--On Thursday, September 18, 2003 12:53 AM -0400 Jonghyuk Choi <jongchoi@us.ibm.com> wrote:

What I have in mind is the combinations of three options in slapdadd.

slapadd -p : promote : if syncrepl%d entries are found (consumer->provider) find maximum cookie value out of the syncreplCookie stored in them, and create an ldapsync entry containing the maximum cookie value. do not add the syncrepl%d entries in the provider replica. else if ldapsync entry is found (provider->provider) add it to the provider replica as is.

slapadd -r : demote : if ldapsync entry is found (provider->consumer)
                                       create syncrepl%d entries having
the contextCSN stored in the ldapsync entry.
                                  else if syncrepl%d entries are found
                                       add them to the consumer replica
as is.

-w : if -w option is used in addition to -p / -r,
                 slapadd will recalculate the contextCSN and
syncreplCookie in the
                 ldapsync and syncrepl%d entries respectively,
                 based on the entryCSN of the entries.

(hard to find appropriate letters left available in the slaptool

Hm, does this rely on master/replica's being up when the slapadd command is run? What if I'm loading all the systems simultaneously, so nothing is running? From what you've said about the datastore, much of what I was thinking on this matter doesn't actually matter, because it can't be tracking as much information as I'd need it to, but I'll throw the question out for discussion. ;)


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