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Re: new admin guide draft

>>I would expect it to retry after interval -- and I have the interval set
>>to 00:00:01 in slapd.conf.  
>current behavior : 
>- refreshOnly : will restart after the interval 
>- refreshAndPersist : the syncrepl thread will be terminated 

Ah -- I had it set to refreshAndPersist.

The behaviors upon bind or search errors should depend on the type of error and the policy. 
>For example in the SASL bind case above, issues are 
>1) whether the error code uniquely identifies the cause of the error (in this example, LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR) or not 
>2) how to know in advance the future availability of the credentials... 

Right, this is a particularly difficult one to judge because in some
cases it should be treated as a hard error.

>1) stop the consumer server, 
>2) stop the synchronization, 
>3) retry with fixed interval, 
>4) retry with increasing delay ... 

Something like nsswitch.conf could be nice, eg.


-- Luke