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Re: new admin guide draft

>I find that "ldapsearch -h ldap-dev0 cn=ldapsync" returns nothing!  Since 
>it is a part of the database, shouldn't I be able to see this?

It appears that you need to read this, eg:

$ ldapsearch -h ldap-dev0 -b "cn=ldapsync,dc=stanford,dc=edu" -s base

>sed s/ProviderSubentry/ConsumerSubentry/ dbfile > db_file.new

You don't need to do this -- the consumer will suck the database from the
provider when it starts up.

Note that instances of syncConsumerSubentry are named cn=syncreplID rather

>		saslmech=gssapi

Should this be GSSAPI? Not sure if it icase-sensitive.

>It creates a persistent connection to the provider (causing ITS#2724), and 
>tries to update.  Its searches fail, with various errors.  The most 
>pertinent one I think is '(entryUUID) index_param failed (18)'.  I assume 
>this means that we now need to index entryUUID (eq?), which is also not 

Yes, you need to index entryUUID.

>When doing a search against this system, I also find that ldapsync is not 
>present, i.e., ldapsearch -h ldap-dev2 cn=ldapsync doesn't return anything.

The entry is named differently, and again, I believe you need to do a base-
level search.

-- Luke