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Re: localization (ITS#2410)

At 10:49 PM 6/29/2003, Masato Taruishi wrote:
>> I've been looking at committing the message catalog
>> portions of this contribution.  However, I'm wondering
>> if we should split the catalog some how.  I'm thinking
>> into four:
>>       1) public libldap+liblber
>>       2) private libs
>>       3) clients
>>       4) servers / server tools
>> Thoughts?
>Do you have any plan to manage po file?

As my experience here is quite limited, my plan is to (mostly)
defer design and management to someone else... :-).  We likely
should have a side bar on this at ODD/Wien.

>From the translators
>point of view, po file should be one file. On the other hand,
>from the binary's point of view, mo file should be splitted.
>We can split po/ directory itself to create splitted mo file,
>but as a result, po file also be splitted.
>Some programs prepare their own Makefile to manage po file, such
>as APT in Debian. It manages only one po file, and split it to
>the several po fragments by 'msgmerge' and create several mo files
>in build-time. 
>Masato Taruishi <taru@valinux.co.jp>
>VA Linux Systems Japan, Inc