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Re: localization (ITS#2410)

> I've been looking at committing the message catalog
> portions of this contribution.  However, I'm wondering
> if we should split the catalog some how.  I'm thinking
> into four:
> 	1) public libldap+liblber
> 	2) private libs
> 	3) clients
> 	4) servers / server tools
> Thoughts?


Do you have any plan to manage po file? From the translators
point of view, po file should be one file. On the other hand,
from the binary's point of view, mo file should be splitted.
We can split po/ directory itself to create splitted mo file,
but as a result, po file also be splitted.

Some programs prepare their own Makefile to manage po file, such
as APT in Debian. It manages only one po file, and split it to
the several po fragments by 'msgmerge' and create several mo files
in build-time. 

Masato Taruishi <taru@valinux.co.jp>
VA Linux Systems Japan, Inc