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RE: backend documentation

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> Considering the number of requests for help with configuration of the
> bdb backend, I'd like to add a few words comparing bdb and ldbm in the
> documentation:
> man/man5/slapd-bdb.5:
>   The BDB backend to slapd is the recommended backend for a 
> normal slapd
>   database.
> + However, unlike the ldbm backend, it takes some care to configure it
> + properly.
>   It uses the Sleepycat Berkeley DB (BDB) package to store 
> data.  (...)

We probably need to drag some of the FAQ text into here.

> man/man5/slapd-ldbm.5:
> - The LDBM backend to slapd is a database which uses one of 
> BerkeleyDB,
> - GNU DBM, MDBM or NDBM to store data.
> + This is the database backend which is easiest to configure.
> + It uses one of BerkeleyDB, GNU DBM, MDBM or NDBM to store data.
> + It uses fewer features of Berkeley DB than the bdb backend.

We don't still support NDBM, do we? 

> Also, I'd like to add a BACKENDS section in front of EXAMPLES in
> man/man5/slapd.conf.5 which describes the backends, more or less
> copied from the slapd-*.5 manpages:

I'm not a fan of redundant verbiage, but I guess this wouldn't hurt.

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