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Re: file backend

>Not sure if you mean search indexes or not having the entire database in
>memory, but anyway I don't think so.

Actually both: the entries for a given "search index" are represented by their
IDs by which entries are identified in the database as well as in the entry cache.

>And without search indexes, a search must inspect every entry in the
>database to find out if it matches - so if the database is not in
>memory, it must in effect be rebuilt for every search.

>With each entry in memory, this backend will perform like a bdb/ldbm
>backend with unlimited cache but no indexes.  So it should not be
>used for very large files anyway.

For small directories, yes.

For large directories, managing entry locations in the file
can improve search performance in a memory constrained case
and can open the possibility of indexing support.

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