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Re: Use of object class extensibleObject for sub schema sub entry?

At 07:24 AM 6/11/2003, Michael Ströder wrote:
>What's the rationale of sub schema sub entry having object class 'extensibleObject'?

Each subentry is augmented by an auxiliary class which says which
attribute types are used hold the administrative information.
For subschema subentries, the 'subschema' class is used for this
purpose.  However, this class (because of its X.500 roots) does not
the ldapSyntaxes attribute type.  Hence the addition of
extensibleObject.  We could have instead defined an ldapSubschema
class which added ldapSyntaxes, but we were lazy.  If subschema
ever becomes modifiable, we'd likely define and change to ldapSubschema.

>Use of 'extensibleObject' should be rather limited to situations where there's no other reasonable possibility to use certain attribute types (e.g. in conjunction with object class 'referral').

extensibleObject should be used where ever one wants to allow
attribute types not normally allowed by the user (or system)

Note that system schema can (and does) restrict the presence of
operational attributes even when extensibleObject is specified.