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OpenLDAP Developers' Day - Vienna - Final Call for Presentations

The OpenLDAP Project will be holding its second OpenLDAP
Developers' Day in Vienna, Austria on 18 July 2003!
The event is sponsored by PADL Software and SysNet and
hosted by the University of Vienna Computer Center.

We're now putting together the technical program.  If you
like to submit a presentation proposal for consideration, you
only have a few days.  We will allocate approximately
30 minutes to each presentation.  We may ask presenters
to adjust to smaller or larger slots as needed.  Registration
fees will be waived for all presentation speakers.  Only
if your proposal is declined will you need to register.

We will also allocate time for folks to give status updates
about various activities.  These slots are short (5min).
Those only providing status updates are not eligible for
speaker discounts and, hence, should register at their
earliest convenience.

If interested, please submit your proposal to me by 13
June 2003.

Thanks, Kurt

PS: please help spread the word...