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RE: String conversions UTF8 <-> ISO-8859-1

> If this is because different attribute types have different 
> character sets, you could configure the charset conversion 
> module so that only some attributes are converted.  

We reuse connections, in other words, we don't connect/disconnect for
each search.
Thus, a connection is used for different searches which require the
resulting strings to have different formats.

> Otherwise, you'd have to do
> ldap_set_option() in between the calls to remove the 
> converters. However, in this case you might prefer to convert 
> the data 'by hand' outside the LDAP library calls instead.

Resetting the converters with ldap_set_option() between the calls is
fine for me.

> > Additionally take care, that we should have the possibility to have 
> > multiple connections doing different string conversions.
> Right, the callbacks should be set per connection.
> Maybe with globally set callbacks as a default, I don't know 
> how libldap does that with options.  If so, it would be 
> quicker if the connection copies the global callbacks when it 
> is created.  Would that be OK?

For me yes, but I'm pretty new to OpenLDAP.