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Re: Made build environment for Visual Studio 6.0

At 06:40 AM 4/23/2003, Patrick Dreyer, SY-UCP wrote:
>We are using OpenLDAP 2.1.17 built with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and
>thus we made some changes on the workspace and the projects to get them
>run. Instead just using the solution for us, we would like to share it.

Contributions are welcomed.

>Two questions:
>1. What would you say to create a new folder
>        OpenLDAP\build\vs6_0
>   containing the workspace and all projects used for Microsoft Visual
>Studio 6.0

Is there any technical reason to move the workspace/project
files?  Seems they are fine just where they are.

I do note that the existing build environment was actually designed
for use with MSVC++ 5, but "worked" as well for MSVC++ 6 as well.
I would like to keep to one MSVC environment if at all possible.

>2. To whom shall I send all the stuff for check in to CVS

To be considered for inclusion in OpenLDAP Software, the changes
must be submitted to the project using the Issue Tracking System
<http://www.openldap.org/its> per the contributing guidelines