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RE: Thread-local malloc discussion summary

Actually, a less drastic and completely API/ABI compatible fix is to
use ch_malloc() just for the filter, but use TL-malloc for everything
else it is being used for at present...

Does this look OK?

    /* Don't use thread-local malloc() */
    ch_op = *op; /* struct copy */
    ch_op.o_tmpmemctx = NULL;
    ch_op.o_tmpmfuncs = &ch_mfuncs;
    rs->sr_err = get_filter( &ch_op, op->o_ber, &op->ors_filter, &rs->sr_text );
    rs->sr_err = get_filter( op, op->o_ber, &op->ors_filter, &rs->sr_text );

-- Luke

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