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Re: Small license question.

At 04:05 AM 4/8/2003, Mathias Meisfjordskar wrote:
>I'm nor sure this is the correct list, so kick me if I'm wrong.

I note this list is reserved for discussions about the development
of OpenLDAP Software.  Use of OpenLDAP Software to construct
derived works is, basically, off topic.  However, as the question
hits on something that OpenLDAP developers need to be reminded
of every now and then, I've approved your post.

>I want to use som code from the OpenLDAP-package. 

Feel free.  I believe none of the applicable licenses restrict
your use of OpenLDAP Software.

>The question is; Can I release the code under GPL/LGPL,

Basically, that would be problematic.  A term of the GPL/LGPL
might be considered in conflict with a term stated by the
original copyright holder (The Regents of the University of
Michigan).  [Exactly which I'll leave as an exercise.]  There
are ways to work around such problems. [Another exercise.]

>or do I have to use the OpenLDAP license?

No.  You can, as a copyright holder of a derived work, add additional
terms.  You do, of course, need to preserve the notices of other
copyright holders and abide by their (combined) terms for use and
redistribution.  If you state terms which are incompatible with
those of other copyright holders, the derived work may actually
be not usable and/or redistributable by others.

Also, it should be noted, that if you intend to distribute an
executable, that executable may contain works derived from
other source code (such as that of libraries and such).  That
means more IPR holders and more terms to honor.

-- Kurt

Note: Before redistributing software derived from the works of
others, you should consult with lawyer familiar with IPR laws and
the particulars of your situation.  I'm not a lawyer.  This is not
legal advice.

Note: This message reflects my personal opinion on general issues
which may not necessarily be consistent with the opinion of the
OpenLDAP Foundation, my employer, or other organizations I'm
associated with.  If you want their opinion, contact them.