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Re: localization of client tools

> I've made a number of commits based upon Masato's
> gettext patch (ITS#2410)...
> Basically, developers can wrap translatable
> strings as follows:
> 	char *str = _("translatable string");
> Masato has marked strings in the client tools.  These
> need to be reviewed.  Client libraries also need marking.
> Feel to submit patches here.
> Don't yet mark strings in slapd(8).  Special consideration
> is needed here as the end-user may be in a different locale
> than the user running slapd(8).
> Masato also provided some translations.  I haven't
> committed these as the strings he's marked need to
> reviewed.

We are definitely interested in providing translations
in Italian, and in contributing to this development.
We'd like to start discussing streamlines to apply
localization also at the server side.  I see two major
points: internal messages, e.g. logs, which can be
trivially handled as client library will, and conversation
with clients.  In this case, the server could declare
what its locale is in the rood DSA entry, and we could
provide something like and extended op for "smart" clients
that can set their locale connection-wide.  Comments?


Pierangelo Masarati