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RE: back-bdb performance with SLAP_NVALUES

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> At 12:41 PM 4/1/2003, Jonghyuk Choi wrote:
> >Looks like we gained this from refactoring...

Excellent. The code size has shrunk a bit as well.

> I concur.  And as the test only involved simple
> normalization and small entry test set, it is
> reasonable to assume that the performance
> be even more significant when more complex and
> large entry sets (greater than what can be cached).
> I intent to make this the default and then, in a
> few days will run
> on HEAD.

Sounds good. There's a nvals memleak somewhere with just SLAP_NVALUES; no
apparent leaks with SLAP_NVALUES_ON_DISK. I'm not going to bother tracking it
down since we won't be using it.

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