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RE: back-bdb future

environement cache size was set to a very large value.

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> It seems that deadlock freedom is not guaranteed if a DB access
> is outside transaction when we use the BDB transactional store.
> The deadlock case in 8 way machine is somewhat strange.
> It was only search threads that were attempting to open the
> index database.
> If deadlock occurs among search threads, timeout for txns
> would not help.
> Any idea why only search threads reach deadlock ?
> Unless we use CDB, even search only case not free from deadlock ?
> - Jong

Unless there's a bug in BDB, the only reason for this to happen is if the
environment's memory size is too small, and there aren't enough free pages
satisfy all of the search threads at once. In that case, forcing one of the
readers to abort may resolve the situation, and so setting a timeout could
work. I'd be curious to see if db_stat showed you had hit any resource

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