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RE: config backend

Yes, the idea is to allow most settings to be changed. Part of the problem I
struggled with in the prototype was efficient/modular parsing and rewriting
of the file without losing or misplacing coments.

If we use LDIF and actual attributeTypes for config keywords, then the schema
engine becomes my framework for efficient parsing. To handle backend- or
database-specific config keywords, the schema engine would have to be
extended to pass off schema evaluation to individual backends. This would
naturally lead to implementing backend-specific subschemaSubentries.

There's still the issue of how to rewrite the file while preserving comments.
I had it worked out, but it was no joy. I still don't have a good idea for
how to present the comments thru the LDAP interface, adjacent to their
relevant keywords.

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> > Just food for thought:
> It is very interesting; I think you already wrote about this
> some time ago, when talking about gentle restart or so.
> I believe this would become strikingly interesting if we could
> modify at least some of the settings while the server is running.
> Ando.
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