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Re: lock of the slurpd status file

At 12:28 AM 2/26/2003, Masato Taruishi wrote:
>I'm new to openldap and sorry about my ignorance, but slurpd seems not to
>release the lock of the slurpd status file once after it acquires the lock.
>You can find it at St_write() in servers/slurpd/st.c. It acquires the lock
>at the first time when the file is opened and never release the lock.
>Is there any reason not to release the lock such as a performance reason?

The only reason I can think of to hang on to the lock is to prevent
another instance of slurpd from accessing the file.

>It prevents another process to backup all the slurpd replica data because
>it can't acquire the lock.

The operating system lock is actually acquired on a .lock file,
so worse case is the backup program skips the .lock file.  And,
of course, most backup programs just ignore such locks.  They
are advisory after all.