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Re: ldapc++ exceptions

On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 11:17:36AM +0100, Francois Beretti wrote:
> > Yes, until now there is only the generic LDAPException which carries the
> > LDAP error codes and messages. In this part the library is very similar to
> > the Java-API.
> So maybe any decision should be taken with the Java-API maintainers
> agreement...
> > > Is it planned to write more such classes in order to better
> > > manage errors, like InvalidCredentialsException or other such
> > > things ?
> > I am not sure if there is much benefit in having different Exceptions for
> > differnt LDAP Errors (has pros and cons). We should discuss this on the
> > -devel mailing list.
> I think that it would be easier to format any error into an adequate
> behavior of the program,
Well, as I said, there can be advantages of having different
Exception-Classes for different Errors, like beeing able to handle specific
error conditions more deeply inside the code, while handling more generic
errors on a higher level. But I think it doesn't make sense to define
differnt classes for all different (about 30-40) error codes of LDAP.

Newer versions of the Java-API e.g. distiguish between local errors
(which occured inside the API) an Error-Conditions which occured on the
Serverside, which the C++-API doesn't do at the moment.

> but as I said I'm quite new to programming, and
> totally new to c++ so I think I can't see all the consequences of such a
> modification to the API (and your opinion convince me on that point,
> because I think your are much more experienced than me)
> Francois Beretti