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Re: dnNormalize2 failed assertion (sasl_regexp?)

* Pierangelo Masarati (ando@sys-net.it) wrote:
> Apparently a client is calling slap_sasl_getdn() with a non-zero
> terminated string in id and with len set to the appropriate length.
> slap_sasl_getdn() was not handling that case in the appropriate
> manner, since a DN in a berval MUST be zero-terminated by design
> (that's why there's the assertion).  I improved the slap_sasl_getdn()
> function to handle this case in the appropriate manner (UNTESTED,
> please check because a bug may well have slipped into my fix :).

That change does appear to work correctly and fix the problem.  I
applied your patch and reverted my change to the assert code and it's
working fine now.

> I assume that since slap_sasl_getdn() design allows the id string
> to be non zero-terminated, the bug was in this function.  In any case
> it was not in dnNormalize2().

Agreed.  I noticed you made some other changes to sasl.c to clean things
up.  I will test them as time allows (hopefully tommorow or over the
weekend sometime).


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