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Re: slapi_ch_free()

At 05:59 PM 1/19/2003, Luke Howard wrote:
>Netscape/iPlanet/Sun ONE define slapi_ch_free() as 
>void slapi_ch_free(void **);

for all versions of SLAPI?

>whereas IBM and OpenLDAP define it as:
>void slapi_ch_free(void *);
>Although the latter is closer to the internal slapd ch_free()
>function, any thoughts about breaking it now rather than later
>in order to promote compatability with the more populus 
>implementation of SLAPI? :-)

The point of SLAPI code is to be compatible with NS-SLAPI
(using NS here implies "Netscape-derived").  But I think the
new code is targeted for an older version of NS-SLAPI.