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Re: is_entry_objectclass() still wrong?

At 03:23 AM 1/2/2003, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>The fix in servers/slapd/oc.c revision 1.45 looks wrong to me.
>Since it now returns
>  e->e_ocflags & oc->soc_flags)==oc->soc_flags
>it looks like all object classes that do not have any special soc_flags
>will match each other, so is_entry_objectclass(,,0) will usually return
>true.  I think it should return
>  e->e_ocflags & oc->soc_flags & SLAP_OC__MASK
>so that if set_flags is true, it will return true if the flags
>specifying objectclass match, and if it is false, there will be no such
>flags so it will only return true if the loop searching for a matching
>objectclass succeeds.

I've applied the fix suggested here.