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Re: back-ldap, libldap_r

The other alterative is to do something like:

Note that this is just food for thought...


At 01:02 PM 12/21/2002, Howard Chu wrote:
>Something I'd be interested in trying out would be adding some mutexes
>libldap to allow multiple threads to submit requests on the same handle. I
>could do pretty much the same thing in back-ldap but I think it could be
>better done in the library.
>Need a mutex for each request and response queue. For results we need to
>tweak try_read1msg() and wait4msg() such that it unlocks (optionally yields)
>and relocks the response mutex before looping back when it hasn't found the
>requested msgid. This way multiple threads can wait on their responses
>without too much hassle.
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