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RE: MinGW on MSYS port offer

Go ahead, have fun.

I've built OpenLDAP for MinGW before, it works fine if you fix the compiler
first. See the OpenLDAP Developer's FAQ.


I haven't used MSYS. Aside from the lack of signal() support I don't see any
reason to use anything more than the native C runtime library.

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> Hi,
> I'm working on the native MinGW port of Squid. Currently
> Squid builds fine
> using MinGW hosted on MSYS environment, but lacks LDAP
> support. So I have
> tried to build latest OpenLDAP using MinGW on MSYS, but I
> have found that
> some little fixes are needed on configure and Makefiles.
> I like to offer to implement this myself.
> Regards
> Guido Serassio
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