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RE: Seamless restarts

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
>At 03:14 PM 2002-11-25, Howard Chu wrote:
>>Maybe I was getting confused with the surrogate parent stuff.
> Note that if you doing any fork() after any thread call
> (direct or indirect), then you need a surrogate parent.

Oh dear.
Still, the shell backend seems to work anyway.
The Solaris fork() manpage says:
     If a Solaris threads application calls fork1()  or  a  POSIX
     threads  application  calls  fork(), and the child does more
     than simply call exec(), there is a possibility of  deadlock
     occurring   in   the  child.
OSF Alpha says something similar:
     the child process should only execute operations it knows will
     not cause deadlock until one of the exec functions is called.
I can't find anything about threads vs. fork() in the Linux manpage.