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Re: writing a "passthrough" backend

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> I suggest you look at the glue backend... it "layers"
> functionality on top of other backends using backend
> callbacks.  There are a number of other uses of these
> callbacks in the code, so you might browse about a bit.

Thanks for your help first of all. I don't really get how those
callbacks are gonna help me solve my problem though. As far as I
understand, it is possible to register a function which is to be called
in ldap_send_response (and similarly for the search stuff). At that
point of time, the entry is already added to the database. It would be
possible to call a script or do whatever there. I'd like to run the
script *before* adding the entry to the database though, so that in case
the script fails, the entry wouldn't even be attempted to be added to
the database. But I only want the script to be run if the user has
enough permissions to fulfill the operation, which I currently only know
after the operation was done. Is there any way to know before? Or doing
a dry-run doing everything except really added the entry?


Roland Bauerschmidt