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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd backend.c config.c daemon.c slap.h

kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
Update of /repo/OpenLDAP/pkg/ldap/servers/slapd

Modified Files:
	backend.c  1.169 -> 1.170
	config.c  1.193 -> 1.194
	daemon.c  1.235 -> 1.236
	slap.h  1.368 -> 1.369

Log Message:
Add "allow update_anon"


Sorry for the mess; actually, get_perms() is required by ldapi:// regardless of SLAP_X_LISTENER_MOD; I added this change to allow a easier way of roughly control the use of a listener; this could already be done by adding a large amount of ACLs (e.g.

	by sockurl=<listener> ...

or so to any rule BEFORE any other "by" clause).
However, this results in a large overhead and is
error prone, so I wanted to catch these restrictions
as early as possible.

If it sounds useful, I can remove the compile condition.

Earlier this week, I removed all the references to the
listener in the Connection structure and replaced them
with a pointer to the listener, because it is not going
to change while the server is running.  This saves a few
ber duplications.


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