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Re: question about storage

Please that this list is reserved for discussions regarding
the development of OpenLDAP Software.  Your post should be
directed to a more appropriate forum, such as the General
LDAP list <ldap@umich.edu>.  Thanks, Kurt

At 01:25 AM 2002-10-15, Aaron Jackson wrote:
>I am studying my masters and as part of my thesis is to have a storage server. It was suggested to me to use LDAP, but being not too familiar with it, I had a look. Given that I have not yet looked into detail can someone clear up a point. I want ot store XML data files on a server and have LDAP as the management server for posting and retrieval to and from this, but I have seen that (and this I havent looked into yet) it seems to store data with common name etc. I want a directory structure of files (ie the xml files) and I want to be able to pull them for writing.
>Can anyone shed some light.