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Re: connection pooling in back-ldap?

At 01:20 PM 2002-10-14, Lawrence Greenfield wrote:
>Oh, I agree that the library can and should support threading
>better. But a lot of the problems you mention are really the result of
>the lack of a widespread Unix event model. async i/o sucks under Unix
>and I'm not totally optimistic for the future.

While I agree that SIGIO-based async I/O in Unix sucks, that's
wasn't what I was referring to.

The "async LDAP API" refers to LDAP API calls which separate
request sending from response gathering (e.g. ldap_search(3) and
ldap_result(3)).  Calls in the API which both send a request and
gather its responses (e.g. ldap_search_s(3)) are referred to as
being synchronous.