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Re: question on where to expire entries in server code

At 10:02 PM 2002-10-09, Gerald Carter wrote:
>I'm working though the slapd source (2.1.5 for the moment) and
>am trying to decide the best place to expire directory entries
>based on the modifyTimeStamp attribute (after so many seconds or 
>what not).  
>The reason is that i'm using openldap to hold publishing information 
>for current devices installed on the network.  A device is responsible
>for periodically refreshing its entry somehow.

You might look at RFC 2589.

>Initially i thought that doing this in the bdb backend would be best,
>but then considered that if it was implemented as an ldap control
>on a search request, then it should be done above the backend 
>interface.  Any thoughts on this?  Am I moving in what would seem to a 
>sane direction?  Has this already been done some other way that i've

You might look at the FTree backend (for 2.0).

IIRC, FTree doesn't provide persistence for dynamic objects.
But, depending on your application, that may not be needed.