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Re: dn/cn from within lutil_passwd? (fwd)

At 05:06 AM 2002-10-04, Paul Reilly wrote:
>I'd like to check the cn or full dn attribute from the binding request,
>from within the lutil_passwd() function in /libraries/liblutil/passwd.c
>However this is only passed the userPassword attribute, the bind password
>and some schema info from slap_passwd_check in /servers/slapd/passwd.c
>As far as I can tell (I'm no c programmer!) the various structs available
>in lutil_passwd don't have access to the bind dn. Also I don't want to
>pass extra parameters from slap_passwd_check in to lutil_passwd as this
>would break the library defn. Therefore I'm looking for how to get the
>bind dn (or just the binding cn) from some existing structure/pointer in
>lutil_passwd, or from some function I can call within lutil_passwd.

While I am sure that where there is a will there is a way,
in this case, you'd have to have a lot of will to find your
way from lutil_passwd to the bind DN.   If you want the bind
dn in lutil_passwd(), you likely should just pass it in as an
argument to the function.

>If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be
>much appreciated!
>PS: Please let me know if this is inappropriate for the developer list.