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How do I use ldap_sasl_bind()?

I have written a program which connects to a remote LDAP server the normal, non-ssl way.  Since
my program is used as part of an authentication system, all it needs to do is connect and
disconnect.  As a result, the sequence of function calls is:

*ldh = ldap_init(hostname, port);
returncode = ldap_simple_bind_s(*ldh, login_string, bind_password);
returncode = ldap_unbind(*ldh);

with a bit of error checking in between.  Now I would like to make the program a litte more
secure by connecting to the remote server via SSL, but I cannot find any documentation for the
ldap_sasl_bind() function.

I have certificates for the remote server in both DER and base64 format.  Can anyone point me in
the right direction?



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