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Re: Implementing "Class of Service" or "virtual attributes" in OpenL DAP?

At 08:17 AM 2002-09-25, Keith Bigelow wrote:
>I've reviewed the archives and the project pages, but haven't been able to determine if v3 LDAP virtual attributes will be a likely addition to a future drop.  
>Is anyone working on implementing virtual attributes?  

There has been some work in the past on what are called
"collective" attributes, attributes whose values are shared
amongst a collection of entries.  These are primarily specified
in X.501.  draft-zeilenga-ldap-collective-xx.txt is intended
to fill in the gaps in their mapping to LDAP.

Presently I think the work is stalled (I'm busy with other

>If so, is the implementation likely to follow Netscape's <http://www.ldapguru.org/modules/news/article.php?item_id=102>http://www.ldapguru.org/modules/news/article.php?item_id=102? 

I think we should stick with following collective attribute
specifications in this area.

>My goal is to minimize my LDAP schema dependency by leveraging [hopefully] OpenLDAP's ability to use virtual attributes / Class of Service (CoS) to share attributes between entries in a way that is transparent to my application[s]. 
>Please advise if this is in the roadmap, if there is interest in collaborating on offering this extension, or if this is too far in the weeds.

Collective attributes are listed on the roadmap...

Additional help is welcomed...  feel free to jump on in.
Start by reading draft-zeilenga-ldap-collective-xx.txt
(available from the IETF, HEAD's doc/drafts, ...).