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Title: authsecuritydata?

Can anyone tell me how to set this attribute, or if anyone has heard of it?
I get 41h(LDAP_OBJECT_CLASS_VIOLATION) Object Class Violation when I run the
following code.

thanks, joe

ULONG CreateSecurityData( LDAP *ld, char *pDomain, char *pOrganization, char
*pszDirectory )
char entry_dn[512];
sprintf( entry_dn, "CN=%s,CN=Parent Data,O=%s,DC=%s,DC=com", pszDirectory,
pOrganization, pDomain );

LDAPMod oclass;
char *values[] = { "authsecuritydata", NULL };
oclass.mod_op = LDAP_MOD_ADD;
oclass.mod_type = "objectClass";
oclass.mod_values = values;

LDAPMod name;
char *values2[] = { pszDirectory, NULL };
name.mod_op = LDAP_MOD_ADD;
name.mod_type = "name";
name.mod_values = values2;
LDAPMod *NewEntry[100];

LDAPMod *NewEntry[3];
NewEntry[0] = &oclass;
NewEntry[1] = &name;
NewEntry[2] = NULL;

return ldap_add_s( ld, entry_dn, NewEntry);