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Re: where to look first? tracing openldap issues on OSX 10.2

> 	http://www.padl.com/Articles/AdvancedOpenDirectoryConf.html

Thanks for that reference. It's interesting to see what Apple are doing!
I've got MacOSX 10.2 authenticating to a Linux server running OpenLDAP
2.1.3 on 389 perfectly. But I can't seem get it to work with the Apple
Directory Services LDAP over SSL option. Do you know does the apple
Directory Services client use TLS/SASL ?

I presume the OSX as client, doesn't use a client certificate, so I have
TLSVerifyClient set to 'never' in slapd.conf. Is this correct? Do I need
to specify TLSCipherSuite on the server? What ciphers does the mac client
support? Any further advice getting OSX 10.2 using TLS/SSL to OpenLDAP
would be much appreciated!