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RE: SSL sessions

At 12:48 PM 2002-09-20, Howard Chu wrote:
>Perhaps a callback function for newly created LDAP connections then, to give
>the app a chance to set things before the connection gets used.

It likely can be done just ldap_set_option()... e.g., no callbacks.

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>> At 11:04 PM 2002-09-19, Howard Chu wrote:
>> >The second option is to pass back in the SSL_CTX index key. Since the SSL
>> >session cache lives longer than an LDAP session handle, libldap can't
>> >remember the index key between unbinds, it's up to the
>> application to save it
>> >and pass it back in when creating a new LDAP session.
>> I prefer an approach which allows the application to manage
>> its SSL contexts... then we can divorce their issues from
>> ours.