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openldap filter bug?

I've been experimenting trying to get netgroup support working against
an OpenLDAP 2.1.3 server.  Since the PADL nss_ldap module does not have
netgroup support, I've been using the native Solaris 8 nss_ldap module
(patched to the latest revision as of the time of this posting).

The client contacts the server okay, but it appears from slapd's debug
output that slapd is unable to process the filter that Solaris's
nss_ldap module sends.

The debug ouput (level 511) is available at:


Do a search for "192.168" and that will take you to the point in the
file where the request happens.

Just for reference, I have the following netgroup already in my

dn: cn=test,ou=netgroup,ou=posix,ou=opsys,dc=wmich,dc=edu
objectclass: top
objectclass: nisNetGroup
cn: test
nisnetgrouptriple: (fleabiscuit,,)
nisnetgrouptriple: (pokey,,)
nisnetgrouptriple: (shrike,,)
nisnetgrouptriple: (spaz,,)

If anyone has any insight as to whether this is an OpenLDAP or a Solaris
problem, your help would be much appreciated.


Kevin Currie

phew, for a minute there i lost myself.