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Pthreads detection

One of the stumbling blocks in my OS/390 port was that the version of
"pthreads" on OS/390 is actually not the final POSIX.1c standard, but an
implementation of POSIX.4a Draft 6. I've now found some references detailing
some differences between Draft 6 and the final standard, so I'm going to try
to integrate some tests for this. Will probably change the HAVE_PTHREADS
macro to multiple values (4 == draft 4, 6 for draft 6, 10 or 11 for final.
There's some disagreement on comp.programming.threads on whether Draft 10
really counts as "Final" or not.)

Comments or suggestions would be appreciated, pointers to more information on
differences between revisions would be especially helpful.

So far I know that DCEthreads is the most prevalent implementation of Draft
4. Many vendors were at Draft 6 in the past but most of them implement the
final spec now, so OS/390 is the only thing I'm aware of that still
implements this old spec. AIX was the only published implementation of Draft
7, but current versions are probably POSIX.1c. It would of course be easiest
if we never had to deal with these old revisions, but so it goes. I hope no
one is running OpenLDAP on Solaris 2.4 or DGUX 5  or HPUX 10.20 etc. etc...

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