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unbind (was: Session Resumption problems with JSSE-OpenLDAP)

There should be a way to send an Unbind request without
destroying the session and a way to destroy the session
without sending an Unbind.

One of these days the API will be completely reworked,
it's a mess.


At 07:29 AM 2002-09-05, Luke Howard wrote:

>>Still, there might be a good reason to hang on to all the ldap_conn
>>structures that were built on a particular LDAP session, after unbind.
>One thing nss_ldap uses is ldap_ld_free() (if available, otherwise it
>resorts to a kludge; see the code) so that it can free the LDAP handle
>without sending an unbind PDU. This is necessary if the process forks,
>and the socket in the child must be closed (hopefully without leaking
>any memory) but not written to.
>-- Luke
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