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RE: Proxy cache extension for OpenLDAP

Sounds great, but I don't have a PostScript viewer handy, nor the patience at
the moment to parse the PostScript files myself. (Tho I note that 60% of it
is comprised of Times-Roman and Courier font definition.) Any chance you can
supply the source text that you used to generate the PostScript files? Plain
text would be best, HTML would be ok too. (I know, you have drawings in there
and they'll be lost in plain text format. RTF would be OK too, and RTF
supports line-drawing...) In the meantime I'll just browse the patches.

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> Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 11:18 PM
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> Subject: Proxy cache extension for OpenLDAP
> Hi,
> This is to announce a proxy cache extension for OpenLDAP2.1.4. The
> submission can be viewed at:
> http://www.OpenLDAP.org/its/index.cgi?findid=2062
> The tar-ball containing a patch/docs can be obtained from:
> ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/apurva-kumar-pkg-020903.tgz
> The tarball contains the following:
> 1) proxy_cache_patch_2.1.4 (Proxy cache patch for 2.1.4)
> 2) usage.ps: User manual with example slapd.conf
> 3) ldapcache.ps: Design and implementation details.
> Semantic information is used to determine if an incoming query is contained
> (i.e. is narrower or more restrictive) in any of the stored queries.
> The query containment algorithm works for positive conjunctive queries with
> equality, range (>= and <=) and substring assertions. Details about design,
> implementation and usage are provided in the docs usage.ps and
> ldapcache.ps.
> The patch modifies the LDAP backend functionality and extends LDBM backend
> for caching.
> Please let me know your comments.
> Thanks
> Apurva Kumar,
> Research Staff Member,
> IBM India Research Lab
> Phone: +91-11-6861100
> Fax: +91-11-6861555