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More OS/390 - got SASL?

After lots of #defines and other kludges, I managed to get Cyrus SASL 2.1.7
to compile. This is definitely not a port-friendly source base, there's so
many unconditional #include's of <sys/>-dependent header files... After
getting the compile errors fixed, the sample client/server app worked OK with
the default EBCDIC compile mode (using DIGEST-MD5), but getting that working
with ASCII-based code was too many contortions. I finally gave up and
compiled libsasl2 in ASCII mode, with no plugins. The lack of DLL support in
libtool certainly makes things awkwared. All it supports is SASL/EXTERNAL,
which I've tested successfully with a couple of certs. I guess that's good
enough for now.

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