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RE: commit: ldap/libraries/libldap abandon.c ldap-int.h request.c result.c

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> I would appreciate some 3rd party confirmation of these patches. My own
> testing gave inconsistent results; sometimes it appears that a packet got
> lost and so both client and server are waiting for the other side to send
> something. It never behaves this way while stepping thru gdb so it
> appears to
> be timing-dependent. (This is when ldapadd is sending a large entry. So far
> no problems with slapd sending large entries. As for why there is a
> difference in behavior, I dunno.)

OK, found the problem in libldap/cyrus.c:sb_sasl_read() throwing away data
that it had read successfully. I think ITS#1983/ITS#910 are finally

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