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unclean shutdown

I have a problem (see my recent commit of libraries/libldap/cyrus.c)
When a back-{ldap,meta} has a connection open with a client (e.g.
a ldapmodify waiting for data) and I shut down the server, back-*
calls ldap_unbind to clear the ldap session with the target server;
this causes a SIGSEGV because ldap_int_sasl_close() calls sasl_dispose(),
which on turn calls ldap_pvt_sasl_mutex_lock() apparently passing a NULL
mutex. I put assertions in these helper functions to trap their
improper use; I also tried to handle these occurrences, by forcing
a SASL_FAIL return code when they're improperly called; in this case
the failure happens somewhere else in thread handling in libc.

I'm unable to debug this deeper. Another quick fix would be
not to ldap_unbind().


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