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Re: BIND Informations in Shell-Backend while search add and delete

Vogler, Hartmut:
> Hello,
> I won't to write a shell-backend, that allows the modifikation of a database. 
> The write and read rights in my database are dependet by the binddn. I
> couldn't use the access-controll of the slapd because the rights are dependet
> by the records - not by there dn or any attributes.
> Is there a posibility to access the binddn-value while the call to the 
> search/modify/add/delete Script in a shell-backend ?

We've got your mail the 16th - no need to send the same again. I don't think
the shell-backend is widely used. At least it's not very well documented IMHO.
Your english is somewhat hard to parse for me. "I won't to write a shell-backend"
means that you will not write a shell-backend. Won't is short for 'will not'.
My guess is though that you 'want' to write a shell-backend :-)

I'm involved writing a shell-backend myself - using the stable-release of 
OpenLDAP with a program written in C with Oracle-libraries to talk to an
Oracle database. I think our system differs from yours as we do not allow
write through the LDAP interface - but we do allow search and bind.

If anyone have any examples or some notes rather than the examples that comes
with openldap-stable I'd appreciate it.


Bjørn Ove Grøtan