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Re: non-ascii in slapd.conf and ACL dn matching with non-ascii

At 04:34 AM 2002-08-18, Stig Venaas wrote:
>> >>Internally we do hex-escaping of non-ascii characters. Why?
>> > 
>> > We pretty DNs.  The present pretty algorithm should have
>> > very minimal escaping, because this is the same form we
>> > use on the wire. 
>I see that now, it's the normalized form (e.g. e_nname) that
>hex-escapes non-ascii, and I'm not sure it's a good idea.

The DN normalization value (e_nname) *should be*
        a) normalize each value per its syntax (e.g., full
                string prep including case mapping, insignificant
                space removal)
        b) minimally escaped

and regex should match against it, not e_name (despite what
I said before, see below).  This way matching is done against
normalized values (in the AVAs).

>> >>It seems I either have
>> >>to hex-escape ACL DN or un-escape the DN I'm comparing against.
>> > 
>> > The regex needs to match the pretty form of the DN. 
>> > 
>> > The pretty form should be minimally escaped. 
>> > 
>> ACL evaluation usually is applied agains entries.  In entries
>> we have the nornalized DN (e_nname structure member) but also
>> the pretty DN (e_name structure member; they both result from
>> applying dnPrettyNormal() to the supplied DN at some stage
>> of entry addition).  So whenever we need to do ACL evaluation
>> we can use the pretty form as well, since ACL routines are passed
>> entries, not strings. 
>Okay, the problem is that when doing regex we are not escaping hex,
>while we compare with the normalized form, but should compare with
>prettied form.

This is problematic.  The pretty form could have a value
like <CN=foo  bar> (note the two spaces).  We should match
against the normalized version <CN=foo bar>.

>Changing the second parameter to regex_matches(),
>line 629 in acl.c 1.154, from op->o_ndn.bv_val to op->o_dn.bv_val
>seems to do the trick.

I think this needs to be reversed.  Instead, we need to fix
the ndn escaping.