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non-ascii in slapd.conf and ACL dn matching with non-ascii

There seems to be no way to specify non-ascii in slapd.conf, this is
for instance needed when one wants to supply non-ascii characters in
ACLs or use non-ascii in database suffixes. I want to fix this. I
suggest using hex-escaping like say "\3e". Sounds okay?

Next I want to be able to match non-ascii in ACLs. DN matching seems
somewhat problematic. The DN in an ACL is compared to a prettied and
normalized, I'm not so sure we can use the current pretty and normalize
on ACL DNs containing regex, in particular if the ACL DN contains
regexp wildcards. I only want to fix this partly though, by doing
Unicode NFKC on the ACL string, and maybe hex-escaping, see below.

Internally we do hex-escaping of non-ascii characters. Why? I would
think it was more efficient to not do that, and only do it when we
print strings to logs and other debug output. It seems I either have
to hex-escape ACL DN or un-escape the DN I'm comparing against.